• When it comes to digital marketing, going the extra mile to impress your clients should go without saying. It reflects well on you, and it’s great for your bottom line in the long-term. Of course, impressing a specific client isn’t always easy. Many clients expect certain results. Even if you’ve worked your tail off to […]
  • Whether your restaurant barely has a website, or your knocking your digital presence out-of-the-park, it’s a good idea to evaluate if you’ve got everything down. To try and help, I’ve put together a handy checklist. I’ve gone ahead and separated the checklist into the following categories, detailing your digital presence via website, social media, and […]
  • One of the most important parts of creating loyal customers is having excellent customer service. With CoGoBuzz, our incredible digital marketing service, we leverage advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions to incentivize customers to return to your business. Our service makes it infinitely easier to create a meaningful relationship with customers. Gain automatic Facebook followers, […]
  • Repeat spending and customer loyalty are inherently tied together. In a sense, the loyal customer is an evolution of the repeat spender. Customers become repeat spenders long before loyalty is fully developed. However, it is essential to encourage repeat spending from the very first brand interaction. Here’s how to turn a repeat spender into a […]
  • Everyone loves getting a deal. The concept of saving money is one of the greatest driving forces in getting consumers to make purchasing decisions. Of course, if you want to drive sales, you’ve got to have the right deals! And in 2018, digital deals reign supreme. Here’s four digital deals (plus four pro tips!) your […]
  • In case you haven’t noticed, the holidays are pretty much here, whether you’re ready or not. All restaurateurs need to be on their game, because the holidays can be just the sales boost you’re looking for. Want to get the most out of this Holiday Season? Spend it with CoGoBuzz! Our state-of-the-art marketing service gets […]
  • There’s more to WiFi than accessing the Internet. When it comes to the WiFi in your restaurant, your HotSpot can set you up with a wide array of marketing benefits that you probably weren’t even aware of. If you’ve been thinking to yourself that extending free WiFi as a courtesy to your customers is where […]
  • In the business of marketing, one of the hottest commodities around is customer data. Customer data’s versatility is its strongest selling point. You can use data to inform decisions, create more effective marketing plans, and even make the lives of your customers (and clients!) easier. Here’s four things to know about the value of customer […]
  • In any industry, keeping up with the trends is so important. It’s how you maintain relevance in a constantly shifting market. What consumers care about matters to your business. When it comes to developing an SEO strategy, understanding trends is even more valuable. With CoGoBuzz, we’ll help you master the trends, and more. Our service […]
  • Looking to expand your restaurant’s reach? It might be time to chase some new demographics. Not sure if your restaurant needs to expand its scope? Don’t be so sure! Developing new audiences can be quite beneficial for your restaurant. Different demographics consume different foods, at different times, and in different ways. Tap into the right […]
  • Marketing Automation isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a reality. Getting set up with marketing automation can heighten your business’s efficiency, revenue, and overall marketing potential. In 2018, there’s absolutely no reason to ignore what technology can do for you. Whether you’re running a business yourself, or you’re a marketing professional juggling multiple clients, it’s time […]
  • Looking to improve your fast casual’s next marketing campaign? No problem. Whether you’re running a quick-service, fast-casual, or full-service restaurant, pulling a marketing campaign together is not easy work. Effective, affordable, and automatic, CoGoBuzz tracks consumer metrics, builds customer profiles, and fully optimizes your digital strategy. Our advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions make digital […]