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Build Your Customer List Automatically

Build Your Customer List Automatically

CoGoBuzz™ collects key insights and automatically builds customer profiles, with their likes, interests and contact information. Our robust system sends personalized messages, ensuring your customers only see messages they want to see, creating happy, loyal customers!

Starting at $99/month


How Much Do You Know About the Customer at Table 3…

Meet Sarah. Like 85% of Millennials, she is more likely to make a purchase if it’s personalized to her interests. It’s no secret – Customers love personalized offers. Engage your customers and they’ll promote your restaurant on social media. Word of Mouth is mouth marketing is the most powerful advertisement for your business. Check out the video to see how CoGoBuzz engages your customers and makes it easier for them to promote your business.

How It Works

WiFi & Loyalty Program Integration

  • Build Customer Profiles through your Restaurant’s Free WiFi
  • Customer’s Connect with Facebook or a Phone Number, One Time
  • And get Automatic WiFi Access Every Time they Return
  • With Approval, Customer’s Information is Added to Your Loyalty Program
  • With Customer Habits, Likes, Interests, so you can Tailor Offers to their Likes
  • No More Complicated WiFi Codes to Manage and Explain to your Guests

On-Site Home Page

  • Custom, Branded On-Site WiFi Home Page
  • Customers can access this page anytime while in your restaurant, with a simple click from your WiFi App
  • Advertise Your Specials, Offer Incentives for Facebook Likes, or Dedicate the page to Vendor Ads and Earn Ad Revenue
  • Offer Special Discounts or a WiFi Speed Boost if user Checks-In or Likes your Page on Facebook

On-Site WiFi App

  • Always available, even after the customer browses off to other sites
  • Easy, Digital Access to your Restaurant’s Menu, so customers can order more even after menus are removed from the table
  • Get more 5 Star Reviews with Simple Integration with Review Sites like Google Maps, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Untappd, Beer Advocate
  • Social Media Integration that will Boost your Online Presence with exponentially More Likes, Follows, Check-Ins, Tags & Shares

On-Site & Off-Site Mobile Marketing

  • SMS Flash Deals – Broadcast specials directly to your customers while they are on-site or away
  • On-Site Contests
  • Text-to-Win
  • Unlimited Digital Loyalty Programs & SMS Loyalty Punch Cards
  • Unlimited Customer Groups – Selectively Send Messages to Customers who Visit on Certain Times of the Week, Like Certain Teams, Regularly attend Certain Events & So Much More
  • Email Blasts

Start Bringing Customers Back To Your Restaurantwith CoGoBox Digital Marketing Services


Dont take our word for it. See what our clients are saying about the effects of CoGo Buzz,.

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