Over at Toast, there’s an awesome blog post on crafting a unique restaurant experience. You can check it out at the link below.

More Than Food: 5 Ways to Craft a Unique Restaurant Experience

The author deposits the following 5 Tips and Tricks for crafting that perfect restaurant experience.

1. Know Your Brand

2. Establish a Differentiator

3. Craft Your Environment

4. Problem Solve through the Lens of a Guest

5. Utilize User-Generated Content


What CoGoBox Adds

While the Toast article is pretty comprehensive, we’d argue that taking advantage of a service like CoGoBox is the key to crafting a truly unforgettable restaurant experience. Our service takes customer engagement to the next level, and revitalizes both your in-store and out-of-store experience with sophisticated digital engagement via automated WiFi, SMS, and Email marketing.

CoGoBox entirely redefines your customers’ in-restaurant mobile experience – delivering your menu, deals, and more all directly to their mobile devices!

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