Move over Millennials. The next generation is here and growing more relevant by the day.

Enter Generation Z.

Born starting in 1996, the oldest members of Gen Z are just entering their twenties, and have significant spending power (both from their parents and the workforce that they are now entering). According to, they make up 25.9% of the US population, and contribute $44 billion to its economy. You definitely don’t want to write this group off.  

Oh, and they eat out a lot. So there’s plenty of money to be made off of the youngest generation. Here’s 4 Tips that are guaranteed to help you get Gen Z eating at your restaurant.

Master Social Media

One of the key differences between Millennials and Gen Z is their relationship with the Internet. While Millennials grew up with the World Wide Web, Gen Z grew up with social media. The majority of them can’t even remember life without it.

As a result, social media is of paramount importance. Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram – you name it. This generation is dialed in. Gen Z doesn’t just want you on social media. They expect it.  

There is a bit of a catch however. Gen Z members have startlingly low attention spans when compared to previous generations. Shorter, more quality-focused bursts of content are key to grabbing this group’s attention.

Personalize and Customize

According to a study from CrowdTwist, 75% of Gen Z will share personal information in exchange for a personalized experience. Not only that, but 63% are already active in at least one loyalty program. These customers care about getting a personalized experience. In fact, it can make all the difference.

Tech Matters

No generation has ever been more entwined with technology. Gen Zers live and breathe on their smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices. They crave technology in all aspects of their lives. And they never walk into a restaurant without their smartphones.

But that doesn’t mean you should implement tech for tech’s sake. Functionality and usability are essential factors. These kids grew up with iPads and iPhones – they expect an element of sophistication.

Nutrition Counts

Much like Millennials before them, Gen Z wants to know that what they’re eating is “Fresh,” “Organic,” or “Sustainable.” It’s not just about healthy options. It’s about transparency. Gen Z wants to know where their food is coming from.  

Even if you’re already serving up nutritional options, for Gen Z, that’s not enough. They need to know it. Incorporate these buzzwords into every level of your marketing. It’ll make all the difference.

How CoGoBox Helps

Getting Gen Z into your restaurant is a piece-of-cake with CoGoBox. In fact, every single tip on this list is made easier with it. Our state-of-the-art service automates your marketing, and effortlessly delivers personalized engagement and content to all of your customers. Integrate digital loyalty programs, get automatic followers on social media, and increase your repeat customers tenfold. You won’t be able to keep the kids away!

Have any other tips for marketing to Gen Z? Sound off in the comments!