Off-peak times don’t have to be as off as you might think. There’s business to be had outside of the three meals of the days. You just have to think a little strategically. And make sure you don’t detract from off-peak hours.

According to the National Restaurant Association: “77 percent of adults – including 85 percent of millennials – say they would be likely to go to a restaurant during off-peak times if they received a discount.”

Check out their full article at the link below.

Increase revenue during off-peak hours

The article covers these three time periods…

  • Morning and mid-afternoon
  • Happy Hour
  • Late night

They then offer this key bit of advice: Stick to your strategies. If you’re going to target a new time period – consistency is key. You need to make sure you’re targeting the right audience, and that you’re not draining any revenue from your peak hours.

How CoGoBox Helps

CoGoBox connects you with your customers via social media, helping you discover their interests, likes, and more. This can give you a better idea of where, when, and how to target your customers.

In addition, our services make promoting your specials easy. Whether it’s a Happy Hour Deal, or an Early Bird Special, both our WiFi and SMS services let customers know when there’s a deal. We’ve got in-store, AND out-of-store engagement covered!


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