There’s no simple solution to building a brand. It’s the sum of many parts, carefully orchestrated together over the course of weeks, months, and even years.

It’s what people imagine when they hear the name of your restaurant. Is it your delicious appetizers? Your complimentary rolls? How about even the decor in your restaurant? Like I said – it’s the sum of many parts.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to build your restaurant’s brand.

Get Digital

Social Media. Your Website. WiFi. You name it.

Technology is integral to the modern restaurant experience. And it’s a crucial part of your brand. Leveraging the digital world to serve your brand can pay off exponentially when done right.

Loyalty Programs

Building your brand isn’t just about the act of building it. It’s about awareness. The actual act of creating repeat customers – building true loyalty – will pay you the greatest dividends in the long run.

Loyalty programs are one of the most effective ways to not only discover your customers, but also grow your brand. Why? Because your most loyal customers are the ones that are going to share what they love about your brand.

Visual Aesthetics

Think about what type of restaurant you are. Is it quick service? Sit-down? Fine dining? You may want to think about the lighting in your restaurant.

Are you a seafood restaurant? Do you specialize in Mexican food? You’ll probably want to think about your decorations, colors, and menu design.

Creating memorable visuals can do wonders for your brand. Just make sure they fit within your brand identity!


When it boils down to it, a heavy part of your restaurant’s identity (and therefore your brand) simply stems from being consistent. You can’t be known for something unless you’re consistent about it. This applies to every aspect of your restaurant. Food, messaging, visuals, and so on and so forth.

Customer Tastes

One of the easiest ways to really build on your brand involves going straight to your current customers.

Unless you’re starting out from scratch, you probably already have a customer base of some size – small or large. This base likes something about your restaurant. They come back after all, don’t they? All you have to do is discover what they like, and why they’re coming.

Brand Building with CoGoBox

Need a little help building your brand? We’ve got you covered with CoGoBox.

Our service digitizes your brand, utilizing your in-store WiFi to create loyalty. We build your social media, and create fully realized customer profiles – allowing you to discover your customers, and fully realize your brand’s ultimate potential. And it all happens automatically.

Have any tips for brand building? Give us your best ones in the comments!