In an ideal world, whatever you wanted to know about customers would be just a quick Google search away. Just a quick search and boom. You’d have your answer. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. But it might be more simple than you think! If you know where to look, learning about customers can be made so much easier. Let’s take a look at what you can do.

Social Media

When it comes to customers, social media has a ton of the answers that you’re looking for. It might not even be your own social media page too! A lot of handy social data can be extracted simply from analyzing other businesses that operate within similar target markets and product categories.

But when it comes down to it, the most useful, and most absolutely relevant data will be sourced from your own brand, and your own customers.

With CoGoBox, we’ve devised a genius solution. Our service leverages in-store WiFi to discover core demographics, and reveal crucial customer data. Guests can log in through WiFi with their Facebook, Email Address or Phone Number. Our service produces a full customer profile, and links you up with customers’ social media, allowing you to examine their Likes, Interests, and more.

Loyalty Programs

Sometimes, learning about customers is as easy as asking them a question.

No, no. I’m not telling you to just start barraging them with a load of questions about their behavior. They (probably) wouldn’t be too into that. What you can do is leverage loyalty programs to discover crucial customer information.

Loyalty programs can provide all sorts of practical information about customers. And it’s not just limited to purchase habits (although those do come in handy).

For instance, with our SMS service, CoGoText, we give you the tools to institute a fully realized digital loyalty program – simplified via text messaging. With CoGoText, learning about customers is easy. Polls and contests give you the ability to creatively discover whatever you please about customers.

Tips and more

To wrap up, here’s a few useful tips that’ll guide you in discovering the customer.

  • Never assume that you have all the answers! Customers are fickle, and their preferences are constantly changing.
  • Look for data wherever you can find it. Seriously. Anything and everything can be relevant.
    Don’t just rely on purchase histories.
  • While a customer’s past purchases can tell you a lot about a customer, they shouldn’t serve as the end-all solution to guiding your marketing efforts.

How do you learn about your customers? Sound off in the comments!