A loyal, returning customer spends more than a new customer. In fact, according to our friends over at business.com, returning customers spend 67% more money on average than new customers… to be precise!

That’s why we have loyalty programs.

Now I’m sure everyone reading this knows about the infamous hole-punch card. For years, that was one of the few ways a small business could affordably institute a loyalty program. But today, we live in a digital age. And with it, we now have access to fully digital loyalty programs.

There’s no reason to wait. Here’s why you need to digitize your loyalty program.

  1. Gain direct communication. With SMS-based digital loyalty services like CoGoText, you can simplify an entire loyalty program down to a text message. This turns a loyalty program into so much more than just a way for customers to save money. It builds true loyalty by making customers feel like they’re talking directly to the brand.
  2. Take advantage of mobile. According to Bond, 57% of loyalty members want to engage on a mobile device. Also, according to the Pew Research Center, 90% of people have a mobile device in reach 100% of the time. If you’re communicating via text message, it’s almost a certainty that the customer will get the message.
  3. New incentives. When you digitize your loyalty program, you don’t just have to wait for customers to come back for their next hole punch. Instead, you can personally contact them with new deals, sales, and more – inspiring them to come back.
  4. It’s more reliable. Punch cards get lost or misplaced all the time. Digital loyalty is usually tied to a cell phone number or email address, meaning that you won’t need to worry about a customer not returning because they lost their punch card.
  5. Track your program. Want to know if your program is effective, and getting the results you deserve? That’s what digital loyalty programs can do for you (and your clients). Gain the data you need to prove that your efforts are working.
  6. Personalization. According to USC Dornsife, 85% of Millennials are more likely to make a purchase if it is personalized to their interests. Going digital lets you take advantage of that, sending the right offers and messages to the right people.
  7. Learn more about your customers. With CoGoText, you can run polls, surveys, and more. Not only will you get your customers coming back for more, but you can also learn how to better understand and market to them with this added layer of communication.
  8. Get even more repeat customers. Digital loyalty is all about options. And with the features I’ve already laid out, you’re guaranteed to get more repeat customers than you would with a standard loyalty program. Oh, and like I said before, returning customers spend 67% more!

Like how all of that sounds? We thought you would. You can gain all of these benefits and more when you go fully digital with our state-of-the-art SMS Marketing service: CoGoText. It’s easy, effective, and 100% free to try instantly.

Have you ever tried digital loyalty? How did it help you? Let us know in the comments!