At last, summer is coming to an end, and fall is nearly upon us.

Restaurants – take notice. The changing of the seasons is the opportune time to put on your marketing caps. Because as the temperatures cool down and the masses begin to crave the taste of pumpkin spice, you can be certain that there’s money to be made.

But don’t worry. Even if you can’t begin to think of where to start, that’s what we’re here for. Check out these ideas, and get a jump-start towards your success this fall.

Switch up your menu

Obvious? Perhaps. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth mentioning.

Whether you’ve got a specials menu, or you’re just changing around your permanent one, throwing in a few seasonal options is a good way to get people in the door. And if they like it? There’s a good chance they’ll be back once or twice before the season’s over. That’s the advantage of offering “limited-time” entrees.

And if you can offer pumpkin spice flavored coffee? Do it.

Decorate your restaurant

Pumpkins, fall-themed foliage, you name it. Seriously, it’s the little things like that count when customers are trying to pick a place to eat at.

If not for the whole season, I’d recommend at least doing something around Halloween. Finding spooky decorations is as easy as going to your local party store.

Have an event

Harvest Festival? Halloween Party? The options are limitless!

There’s all sorts of excuses to have special events during the fall. Kids are heading back to school, so maybe have a back to school night. Football and a ton of other sports finally return, so maybe think about letting your customers know that your restaurant is the place the see all the games.

Couple these events with a small promotion and you’re golden. Offer snack food on game days (think cheap wings and burgers). And don’t forget about the classic “wear a costume, get something for free” promotion if you’re having a Halloween event.

Promote with CoGoBox

Whether you’re holding an event, offering new menu options, want to show off your restaurant’s new look, or whatever else you’ve come up with – CoGoBox is the key to all of your promotions this fall. Our service promotes your restaurant on multiple fronts, both in-store and out, taking advantage of state-of-the-art WiFi, SMS, and Email marketing solutions.

With in-store WiFi, CoGoBox displays an interactive landing page on your customers’ mobile devices, letting you show off your fall-themed menu, promotions, and more! With SMS, you can enroll customers in digital loyalty programs, and let them know about all of your events with just a simple text message. It also automatically produces fully realized customer profiles, and integrates them with your favorite marketing list! With CoGoBox, there are so many ways to succeed this fall!

Have any cool fall-themed marketing ideas? Does your restaurant do anything special? Sound off in the comments!