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29 Restaurant Marketing Ideas, Resources, and Tips from the Pros

Check the full list below, and see if any stand out!

1. Create a Loyalty Program
2. Build Buzz with the Local Media
3. Make sure your business shows up in local search results
4. Reach Out to the Local Community.
5. Advertise yourself as being sensitive to dietary restrictions
6. Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce.
7. Partner with Like-minded Businesses and Cross-Promote Each Other.
8. Look Ahead at the Events Happening in Your Local Area and Get Involved.
9. Write for Industry Publications.
10. Show Up On Top of Google When People Look for a Place to Eat.
11. Keep Your NAPs in Order.
12. Monitor and Respond to Online Reviews.
13. Rank on Yelp.
14. Setup and Optimize Your Google My Business Listing.
15. Have a Mobile App.
16. Create a Website.
17. Advertise on Facebook.
18. Promote User Generated Content.
19. Take Advantage of Pinterest.
20. Use Instagram Effectively.
21. Set Goals for Your Restaurant Social Media Marketing.
22. Send Out a Press Release.
23. Try Text Message Marketing.
24. Use Your Most Loyal Customers as Influencers.
25. Deliver Remarkable Customer Experiences.
26. Promote Your Restaurant on Facebook
27. Advertise Your Restaurant Business on Bing.
28. See What Other Restaurants are Doing with their Marketing Plan in 2017.
29. Add Sleek, Functional Digital Signage.

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