Marketing adds up. Budget expenses often max out before you even see it coming.

These days, it’s important to budget intelligently and efficiently. Check out the link below, courtesy of Forbes, to find out how you can market more effectively on a tight budget.

13 Ways To Create An Effective Marketing Campaign On A Tight Budget

Take a look at the full list below to recap!

1. Test, measure and learn fast.
2. Simplify your channels.
3. Apply agile marketing.
4. Create partnerships that share the cost.
5. Update successful content and campaigns.
6. Never compromise and be creative.
7. Leverage the community.
8. Do it in-house and check SEO.
9. Prioritize and sequence.
10. Go granular.
11. Focus on high-value evergreen content.
12. Ask customers for reviews.
13. Leverage advocacy to raise awareness.


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