Offering Free WiFi is fairly standard these days. Retail shops, restaurants, and businesses of all kinds are practically expected to have it as a convenience to their customers. It’s an expense that might seem unnecessary, but customers do take notice when it’s missing.

So why not take advantage of WiFi?

With a service like CoGoBox, you can put WiFi to work for you. With our service, WiFi becomes so much more than a convenience for customers, it becomes an essential marketing tool that actually enhances the in-store experience.

Let’s check out these 7 reasons to use WiFi as a marketing tool.

  1. Build customer profiles – automatically. With CoGoBox, customers login to your HotSpot via Facebook, Email, or phone number from a custom-designed landing page. It’s convenient for them, and it provides you with extremely useful data to fuel your marketing lists.
  2. Discover customer behavior! With our service, returning guests are automatically connected to the WiFi at any of your business locations. You gain the ability to track and engage them, wherever they go. You can see how often they’re in your business, which locations they frequent, and even how they browsed while they were there.
  3. It’s automated marketing made easy. From the customer landing page, you can promote your business with deals, events, and more. One of the most useful aspects here is the ability to entice customers to join up with your digital loyalty program. It’s an excellent way to increase repeat customers with very little extra effort!
  4. Gain measurable results! The wonderful thing about marketing with WiFi is that all of your results are completely measurable. If you’re working with a client that wants the hard data behind your methods, WiFi marketing is for you.
  5. Get more social media followers. CoGoBox is designed to from the ground-up to incentivize social media engagement. From the landing page, it’s easy to entice customers to Like or check-in to your business in exchange for a deal. If you have a social media problem, this may be the solution you’re looking for.
  6. In-browser engagement. A unique feature of CoGoBox is the CoGoEngagement Bar – a sophisticated interactive overlay that occupies a small slice of space at the bottom of mobile browsers. Menus, deals, and more are all instantly accessible, regardless of where customers are browsing.
  7. Watch WiFi pay for itself! Chances are, you’re already paying for WiFi. With CoGoBox, you’re getting access to a safe, secure, and affordable marketing system. Save money and make money!

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