Designing your menu is a strategic game. All of the choices you’ll make require a lot of thought and consideration. Imagery, placement, menu size, and more are just a handful of factors to think about. And it all has an effect on sales.

The National Restaurant Association has an excellent article on getting the most out of your menu design. Hit the link below to read the full article!

Making your mark through menu design

The article offers these three key points to consider when designing your menu.

  • Your menu is your brand rep
  • Kitchen capacities matter
  • Provide a useful, pleasing visual

How CoGoBox Helps 

Giving your menu a redesign is a lot easier with CoGoBox. We connect you with your customers via social media – cluing you into their interests, likes, and more. When you need to decide which items to feature most prominently on your menu, having access to that information can make all the difference.

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