Chicken is one of the most versatile foods on the entire planet. Served in salads, soups, or boiled and broiled, you can find chicken in just about any entree. And then there’s fried chicken, which is (arguably) the best preparation of the bunch. Hit the link below to learn about how the limitless possibilities fried chicken can provide!

The Limitless Possibilities of Fried Chicken

A few takeaways from the article…

  • Comfort food, like fried chicken, is highly sought after with busy, modern lifestyles.
  • Indulgence is common, and fried chicken is a popular choice because of its simplicity.
  • Fried chicken’s versatility still allows it to be a part of more artisan fair.
  • At it’s core, fried chicken is a blank canvas (or flavor adventure as QSR coins it). Chefs can experiment with the food to create all sorts of imaginative dishes.

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