We’ve all been guilty of being a little trigger happy when it comes to posting on social media. It happens. You come up with an amazing post, instantly put it out there, and everything is great… until it’s not. Eventually, the negative reactions start to pour in. That’s when you realize that something went wrong.

Social Media Fails are a common thing. Check out this article from HubSpot to find out 7 fails to avoid this year.

7 Social Media Fails to Avoid in 2017

To recap, here are the 7 fails.

1) Meet-And-Greet, but Don’t Touch
2) Rhode Island or Iceland?
3) Ten Cents off Your Next Playstation
4) #bendgate
5) How to Turn a Fail into a Win
6) Coca-Cola vs. Russia and Ukraine
7) A Giraffe for Ghana

Never Fail with CoGoBox

Everyone can fail on social media. It happens. But we can help you avoid that.

With CoGoBox, you’ll master social media. Not only do we get you automatic followers, but we also leverage in-store WiFi to discover your core demographics, revealing crucial customer data. Our service automatically produces full customer profiles, linking you up with customers’ social media. This lets you examine their Likes, Interests, and more. It’s a lot more difficult to fail when you have such a great understanding of your customers and their social media behaviors!