Social media is constantly changing. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay up to speed! Get informed with this social media roundup of the top 11 big stories from August, courtesy of HubSpot.

August Social Media News: Facebook Watch, YouTube Messaging & More

Check out the full list below to recap.


1) Snapchat has partnered with college newspapers on Discover.

2) Snapchat has more users, but less value.


3) Facebook’s News Feed algorithm will start penalizing sites that aren’t optimized for mobile.

4) Facebook has started autoplaying News Feed videos — with the sound on.

5) Facebook launched new camera features, including GIF recording and 360-photo capturing.

6) Facebook launched the Watch tab for original video content.


7) Instagram launched Instagram Live — with two users.

8) Instagram (and Facebook) launched comment threading.

9) Instagram users can now edit Story and Direct Message replies.


10) Users can now pinch to zoom in on photos.


11) YouTube added in-app messaging and vertical video capabilities.


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