Loyal customers are more valuable than gold to restaurant owners.

Over at Food & Wine, according to Foursquare, the chain with the most loyal customers in America is (big surprise here), none-other than Starbucks. Hit the link below to get the full scoop on worked for Starbucks.

This Chain Has the Most Loyal Customers in America, According to Foursquare

A few interesting takeaways from the article…

  • Foursquare’s data is based off which chains got the most repeat visits from their customers.
  • McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts rounded out the top 3 along with Starbucks.
  • Taco Bell has been moving up in the rankings. They’re now placed at number 9 on the list.
  • Foursquare suggests that chains who offer breakfast have a correlation with better loyalty.

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