You’ve probably heard the term “Foodie” before, but what exactly does that mean? It’s fairly ambiguous, but most definitions seem to agree that it’s refers to people that have a higher-than-average interest in food.

Foodies are the people in your restaurant that are taking pictures of food to share online. They’re writing reviews for every place they go to. They may even keep a food blog, where they share their food-related experiences with their followers and readers. Foodies are people that like to talk about food. And they’re an excellent asset to have in marketing your restaurant.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can attract Foodies.

Foodies want something “new”

One of the first, and most important, things to understand about self-proclaimed Foodies, is their mindset when they decide where to eat. They’re not necessarily searching for just the most well-cooked burger in town (although that would surely help). Rather, they’ll look for a burger that’s something they haven’t had before. What they’re looking for is something unique. An experience, if you will. Not just a meal.

Instead of just your standard burger, how about a triple-stacked burger, piled with onion rings and slathered in barbecue sauce? They might not finish the whole thing, but it sure would be perfect for Instagram or their food blog.

With Foodies, you’ve got to think outside the box.

Cater to the trends

A stagnant menu doesn’t do much for Foodies. Like I said, they really enjoy “new” things.

Now don’t fret just yet. You definitely don’t need to scrap your menu and start over from scratch. Far from it. To pull Foodies in, you’ll want to embrace daily, weekly, and seasonal specials. Limited-time entrees or even the occasional brand new menu item will keep ‘em coming back for more to see what’s new.

When coming up with new dishes, try monitoring the trends. Find out what’s popular with Foodies right now. Check out some of their social media accounts and blogs to see what’s hot.

Understand millennial sensibility

According to Watson, about 25% of millennials fit the bill as Foodies. That’s not to say that all of them run their own food blog or have thousands of followers on social media – far from it. What it does indicate is the type of demographic that we’re chasing here. A lot of the rules that apply for promoting to millennials will go a long way with Foodies.

So what are a few things millennials and Foodies have in common, you ask?

They’re extremely active on social media. Therefore digital marketing is a must.
They’re very nutrient conscious. Millennials value locally-sourced foods, organic ingredients, and freshness. Hint: Make sure your menu advertises these things.
Personalization and communication are key.

Try CoGoBox

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What do you do to attract Foodies or millennials? Sound off in the comments!