So you’ve got your customers’ phone numbers. Perhaps they’re in your loyalty program, or maybe they’ve subscribed for a special offer. The end result is the same though. Somehow, you’ve obtained a direct line of communication to your customers.

What now?

Well, you’ve got to be smart when messaging your customers. Texting is an intimate form of communication. Did you know, according to the Pew Research Center, that 90% of people have a mobile device within reach 100% of the time? That’s powerful, and highly effective, messaging potential right there.

Let’s take a look at 10 Text Message Tips that work!

  1. Every single message should offer something of value. Whether it’s a real-time deal, or even purely informational, the message needs to have some aspect of usefulness to the recipient. Are there half-off drinks tonight? Is everything in the store buy one, get one free?
  2. Make sure they know it’s you. Chances are, they probably don’t have your number saved to their contacts like friends and family. If you’re messaging people that delete their texting streams, then they won’t even see the last message you sent them. Put some identification in every message you send.
  3. Keep it simple, brief, and to-the-point. If they’ve given you their phone number, then you’ve already reeled them in. There’s no point in overselling with superfluous information. The deal will sell itself.
  4. Segment your audience when necessary. Depending on your business, not every deal or message will be relevant to every customer.
  5. To catapult off of the previous tip, use segmentation to offer deeper personalization. Younger generations especially love personalized deals and offers. Using a customer’s name in your messages to them, or sending birthday texts and deals are just a few examples of ways to personalize.
  6. Always make sure they’ve opted-in, and give them the opportunity to opt-out. Effective SMS Marketing should never feel invasive.
  7. Be strategic with your messaging schedule. With such a quick open rate, timing is everything. For example, perhaps your business is a wing restaurant (or even a grocery store), and there’s a big game on tonight. Text out a deal a few hours before the game, and your chances of getting their business goes up significantly.
  8. Also, be consistent with your schedule. If you’re sending out two texts a week, try to stick to that pattern. Just whatever you do, don’t bombard or spam your customers with multiple messages a day.
  9. Measure and monitor your success. Watch your conversions, open rates, and try to determine what’s working and what isn’t.

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What texting tips have you used to connect with customers? Let us know in the comments!