Every marketer worth their salt knows that holiday-based marketing campaigns are a great way to get some extra mileage out of customers.  Turns out, according to a survey you can read about over at Mobile Marketing Watch, they’re pretty effective when it comes to mobile campaigns as well.

But – there’s a twist here. A lot of digital marketers just might be missing the mark when it comes to most effectively capitalizing on these holiday trends. Get the full lowdown at the link below.

Survey: Consumers Value Mobile Holiday Campaigns, But Digital Marketers Missing Opportunities

Here’s a few takeaways from the article…

  • Unsurprisingly, 95% of businesses see the holidays as a marketing opportunity. Therefore, the competition is there.
  • According to the survey, mobile “tops the list” for customer engagement.
  • 60% of businesses prefer in-app purchases based around holidays whereas only 5% of consumers prefer that.
  • 54% of consumers are willing to watch reward-based videos, while only 20% of marketers opt to include these in their mobile holiday campaigns.
  • Essentially, the disparity with these statistics demonstrate that there’s a critical misunderstanding of consumer preferences when it comes to mobile marketing.

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