Fully embracing the digital experience is one of the most sure-fire way to get more customers into your restaurant. The digital landscape is broad, covering everything from social media, to blog posts, and more, but there’s definitely a multitude of things that you can hone in on in order to find success in the restaurant industry.

Get savvy, and make money with these 5 totally digital ways to generate more customers for your restaurant.

  1. Start taking advantage of user-generated content, or UGC for short. The reason why user-generated content is such an effective form of digital content to leverage, is because it takes content created out of passion for a restaurant, and repurposes it as an effective marketing tool. People respond to passion because it’s infectious. Not only that, but it’s inherently trustworthy. In fact, according to Business Insider, user-generated content is more trusted than traditional advertising by a striking 92% of social media users!
  2. Market with mobile in mind. I could harp on the benefits of mobile for ages just because it’s so important for the modern restaurant. Mobile is where a massive amount of conversions happen for restaurants. According to the National Restaurant Association, a whopping 83% of consumers use either mobile phones or tablets to search for restaurant locations, directions, and hours of operation. More specifically, half of the same group surveyed use mobile phones and tablets for rewards and special deals. So what should you do? Every aspect of your digital footprint needs to be designed with mobile in mind. Your social media and your website should be optimized for mobile usage.
  3. Implement a digital loyalty program. When it comes to implementing a digital loyalty program, you won’t just find yourself getting more customers. You’ll start converting your current customers into repeat customers. Digitizing your loyalty program amplifies its effectiveness, providing you with an avenue to instantly communicate and incentivize your customers to return to eat at your restaurant.
  4. Integrate your in-restaurant and out-of-restaurant promotion. There’s a lot of easy ways to do this. For instance, one of the things you can do is produce in-restaurant marketing that encourages customers to follow your page on social media. It’s a simple way to get an uptick in your digital presence.

5) Digitize your brand with CoGoBuzz

Get the buzz for your restaurant going with CoGoBuzz, our incredible state-of-the-art service that redefines your marketing – affordably and automatically.

Using our advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, we set your restaurant up for success. Our SMS-based digital loyalty programs simplify loyalty down to a text message, providing a direct link between the restaurant brand, and the customer. With WiFi, customers login to your HotSpot via Facebook, Email, or phone number from a custom landing page, designed for your restaurant. Customers can then be enticed to Like or check-in to your business in exchange for a deal. We even develop fully realized customer profiles to help keep your restaurant fully optimized for the digital experience!

What has your restaurant done to adapt to the digital landscape? Let us know in the comments!