Amazon’s eating your lunch. Online shopping has fully taken the world by storm, and the customer landscape has changed completely. If you own a business, you’ve experienced the impact of Amazon and other online retailers in some shape or form. It’s impossible not to.

It’s not just the convenience factor here. Amazon’s prices are hard to beat. The company is literally in a position where they can lose billions on shipping costs and slashing prices, and still somehow post a profit.

The deck can definitely feel like it’s stacked against you.

But hold on there – that doesn’t mean you have to lose out this Holiday Season! You’ll just need to re-think things a bit. Let’s run through this list of ways to help you standout, and get customers buying from you, instead of heading online.

  1. Appeal to your loyal customers. This should be your first stop. Your current, and most loyal customers are the ones who are most likely to show up in your store this Holiday Season (obviously). But it’s important not to take them for granted. Appeal to them with your loyalty program. Incentivize visits with special offers.
  2. Take advantage of the local factor. The fact that your business is local, is a point of marketing leverage that Amazon will never be able to take from you. Community outreach, events, and partnerships are a great way to attract the locals, and let them know that you’re making a big holiday push.
  3. Fill the niche. Amazon is big. It feels like they sell well, nearly everything. Chances are, you don’t though. And that’s not a bad thing. It means that you have a specialty. Your business can offer recommendations, and a more tangible hands-on experience. Be the expert in whatever you sell.
  4. Customer experience matters. Amazon may have excellent customer service, but a customer will never interact with them in-person. That’s a big advantage for you. Specialized services (like complimentary gift wrap) can go a long way.
  5. Out-market digital retailers. Monitor what they’re doing, and try to get ahead of them on sales (if you can). If a hot item is out-of-stock on Amazon, but you’ve got it in your store, blast it out to your followers on social media.
  6. Get your marketing plan down – week-by-week, and day-by-day. Make sure every holiday is covered and accounted for.

7. Market With CoGoBuzz

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What do you do to set your business apart from the digital marketplace? Let us know in the comments!