Every team needs a leader, and the best way to optimize success for your team is develop effective leadership habits.

Ori Menashe, chef and co-owner of Bestia, a very successful restaurant in Los Angeles, sat down with Forbes Contributor, Raquel Baldelomar. He offered up 10 lessons on improving your leadership skills. Hit the link below for the full article.

10 Lessons To Improve Your Leadership Skills From Restaurant Owner Ori Menashe

To recap, here’s Ori Menashe’s full list of 10 lessons.

  1. Embrace Creativity
  2. Be Adaptable
  3. Mentor Employees
  4. Encourage Dreamers
  5. Look For Ways To Improve
  6. Evaluate The Entire Experience
  7. Make Time For Family
  8. Carve Out Time For Yourself
  9. Promote Positivity
  10. Accept Mistakes Will Happen

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