You’ve got a full list of your customers’ phone numbers. What now?

As tempting as it is to type up whatever messages you want, and then subsequently send them off to your customers, you may want to reconsider. Automating your SMS Marketing so that your automated text messages send out at the right time, to the right people can pay off in spades.

Want to nail your text message timing? Here’s a few questions you should try asking yourself when automating your messages.

Does this time make sense?

Is your text message that’s promoting your next big event going out in the middle of the night? Maybe you should reconsider. Also, you might wake someone up who forgot to turn their phone’s volume off. You should definitely consider when people are sleeping.

A good time to promote your big event might be to send a reminder out the morning of.

Are they at work?

Bothering your customers at work with text messages probably won’t do much good… Unless they’re just getting ready to clock out. In that case, if you’re trying to get them to come in for your special evening sale, for example, a promotional message may be in order. Your message may look something like this.

Long day at work? Come on down to *insert business name* for our special evening BOGO event! We’re serving snacks and refreshments all night.

This message recognizes that the customer has been working hard all day, and might not mind stopping in for a quick snack on their way home. This is timing at work. Timing is all about finding the most optimal method to get a message to resonate with your customers.

Who am I sending this to?

If you’re using the right software, you should have your customers segmented into groups. Depending on the range of your target market, you may have a pretty sizable variety of customer demographics that you’re speaking to.

That’s why not every message should go to every customer. The same message that you’d send an 18-year-old collegiate male probably wouldn’t be the same as a 40-year-old mother of three. Always consider your target.

Are you using CoGoBuzz?

When it comes down to it, the best way to nail your automated message timing is to gain a deeper understanding of your customers. Sure, you’ll need to be a little strategic here and there, but with the power of CoGoBuzz, you’ll be automatically set up with an array of fully realized customer profiles, digital loyalty club members, customer phone numbers, and more!

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Have any tips on text timing? Let us know in the comments!