Whether you’ve just opened up a location, or you’ve been operating in one for years, it’s important to be aware that college towns offer a lot of unique opportunities for restaurants. In fact, according to Datassential, $17 billion is spent annually on campus-related dining by students. Want a piece of that revenue? Head over to QSR Magazine at the link below for ten tips on college town success.

10 Tips for College-Town Success

For reference, here’s all ten tips.

  1. Get used to crazy seasonality.
  2. Immerse yourself in college culture.
  3. Link to the school’s meal plan.
  4. Get techy.
  5. Offer an interesting menu.
  6. Offer delivery very late.
  7. Know the traffic plan.
  8. Know the local college calendar.
  9. Expect odd tipping habits.
  10. Understand that flirting sometimes happens.

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Did you catch Tip 4 telling you to get techy? College students love their tech options – online ordering, social media, and digital promotion just to name a few.

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