The way in which your brand’s story intertwines with your marketing can be surprisingly significant.

If you’re not already implementing aspects of your brand’s story into your marketing, it might be time for you to start thinking about it. Even if you don’t quite know what that story is yet.

For many, watching a commercial or viewing an advertisement can be a rather unexciting experience. How often do you mute the TV when commercials come on? How often do you skip right over the ads on YouTube without a second thought? It’s because despite the best efforts of folks in the advertising industry, so many ads are completely forgettable. And if they’re not forgettable, then there’s a decent chance the only reason they’re memorable is because they’re annoying in some respect.

So how do you connect with an audience without boring them or annoying them half-to-death? The answer lies in your brand’s story.

The Emotional Connection

Advertising always works best when people don’t even realize it’s advertising. And you know what’s the easiest way to convince someone of that is? Tell them a story. Entertain them. Speak to their desires and emotions. The strongest connection you can form with your customer is an emotional one. An emotional investment is a sure-fire way to get customers buying your product and engaging with your brand on a continuously.

When your customers are emotionally invested in your product, along with your story, they’ll feel compelled to act, because the very act of purchasing your product feels like they’re becoming a part of that story. Interacting with your business should feel like an extension of that story on every level.

The Competitive Edge

If you own a business, then your brand has a story. Period. That story may not be as compelling or remotely interesting as you’d like it to be. But the one thing your story will always have is that it is 100% yours. It’s unique in every sense of the way. And by some chance you don’t think your story is interesting, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some way for you to extrapolate all the best parts and use them to give the customer a reason to care about you and your business.

Even if it’s as small as having a few paragraphs on the founding of your business on your menu or website, or it’s as big as framing your entire advertising campaign around a single story concept, there’s always something you can do at some level. Sometimes the smallest detail can mean the difference between you and your competitors.

Branding With CoGoBuzz

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How have you used storytelling in your marketing? Has it been effective? Sound off below!