Dining isn’t just a transaction to purchase food. Dining is an experience. Between gift cards, holiday packages, and more, many restaurants are capitalizing on the value consumers place upon experiences.

At the link below, head on over to PMQ Pizza Magazine for an excellent article discussing the role experiences play in consumer spending. In it, they detail the NPD Group’s 2017 Holiday Purchase Intention Survey. Check it out!

Food Experiences Are Big Seller this Holiday

Here’s a few highlights from the article.

  • According to NPD, 50% of consumers plan to purchase food or beverage experiences as gifts this year.
  • 7% of consumers plan to purchase a subscription box or service as a gift. Food subscriptions top the list in popularity.
  • Gen Z and Millennial holiday shoppers, households with children, and households with $75,000 in average annual income have the strongest purchase intent.

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