The evolution of tech has transformed how the restaurant industry works. Customers don’t just want their favorite restaurants to keep up with technology. They expect it.

Head over to SmartBrief at the link below to read up on how technology has changed across the industry, and how it can be used to refine the customer experience.

Restaurant tech evolution: Personalizing access and experience

Let’s recap the article with some key points.

  • In service-oriented industries, customer experience is an essential competitive differentiator. For restaurants, it’s just as important as price or taste. In prioritizing the experience, technology can make all the difference.
  • Most customers will share information with brands, if it means that they’ll receive a more refined experience.
  • Brands like Starbucks, Waze, and Dunkin’ Donuts have leveraged smartphones and the internet in their marketing.
  • Discovering a digital operating model that works is different for each restaurant.

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