When the clock strikes midnight, and the year finally changes, it feels like everything in the entire world has changed. The New Year reflects a new beginning, and presents a unique opportunity for renewment – both in your personal and professional life.

Feeling drained from holiday marketing? Here’s how to tackle your digital marketing plans in the New Year.


Just off the heels of a (hopefully) fun-filled holiday, take the opportunity to look over your digital marketing efforts from the past year with a new outlook.

I’m sure that you’re acutely aware of what’s been working and what hasn’t. But instead of focusing on what went wrong, focus on what went right. Maybe if you tweak a few things here and there, you might have a hit on your hands. Or alternatively, you can take what worked, and apply those elements towards a future campaign.

The great thing about digital marketing is that it’s extremely measurable. It’s much easier to learn from past mistakes when you have so many available tools that can show you how successful your campaigns were.

Plan Ahead

You’ve got a whole year ahead. You’ll never have more time than right now to figure out what your campaigns are going to look like for the next year. A successful plan is well-thought out plan. Take the time now to decide when your campaigns are going to run, and for how long.

Everything doesn’t need to be set in stone. Being flexible and reactive is essential. But having your plan set out for the good year will pay off in the long term.

Capitalize On The New Year

The common saying goes “New Year, New You.” People have made their resolutions, and are ready for a fresh start. The natural thing for you to do is to take that into account with your marketing.

Here’s a few quick campaign ideas.

  • Big New Year’s Blowout Sale. Having a big sale is an awesome way to get people spending their Christmas gift cards and checks.
  • Weight loss promotion. Many New Year’s resolutions have something to do with weight loss or exercise. Depending on your industry, you’ll have to get creative here. Try focusing on promoting an active lifestyle.
  • Revamp your website and social media in New Year style. In the same way that you might have added some holiday flair to your digital platforms, you can do the same for New Year’s.

Leverage New Technology

Most importantly, heading into a new year, you need to be incredibly mindful of the changing technological landscape. If you operate in digital marketing, this is doubly true. Keeping your business relevant in the coming year should be your paramount concern. In order to maintain relevance, you’ll need to adopt new technology.

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