Regardless of what company, business, or industry that you’re operating in, good writing skills are an incredibly important factor in legitimizing yourself to your customers and business prospects. The following HubSpot article provides an excellent breakdown of the 17 worst sales email writing mistakes that you can make.

An important note – while these mistakes were written on the topic of sales mistakes, they’re actually very applicable towards any form of writing promotion. Check the article out!

The 17 Worst Sales Email Writing Mistakes

For review, here’s all 17 sales email writing mistakes.

  1. Misspelling words
  2. Misusing “your” and “you’re”
  3. Repeating words
  4. Misspelling your prospect’s name or company
  5. Misspelling your own company’s name
  6. Mistyping your phone number
  7. Fumbling the date
  8. Not using paragraphs
  9. Using inline lists instead of bullet points
  10. Failing to format
  11. Including too much information
  12. Burying your ask
  13. Not including an ask
  14. Asking too much
  15. Including broken links
  16. Being vague
  17. Copying and pasting

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