We live in a world of constant distraction. There’s more social media, text messages, emails, phone calls, entertainment, games, responsibilities, and more than ever before. It’s so hard to get people’s attention, that sometimes it’s a challenge to even get in touch with friends or family!

And if that’s hard, you better believe it’s a challenge to capture consumer attention in your marketing.

If you’ve been having trouble grabbing your customers’ attention, then this article is for you. Read on to learn how you can get their attention more easily.

Provide value

Provide value clearly and immediately. If there’s one thing that pulls people in right away, it’s knowing that there’s something they’ll get out of it.

For instance, picture an advertisement that starts out with “FREE COOKIES” in bright, bold letters. Down in the fine print, the ad later clarifies that the free cookies are for participating customers only.

Conversely, an advertisement that doesn’t really focus on the free cookies might do well (if it’s a good ad), but it’ll lack the same attention-grabbing punch.

For instance, I love Target. I shop their all the time. The other day, I got one of their mail pamphlets. It normally might have been lost in the usual shuffle of mail, but something exciting stuck out to me. Stuck to the cover was a card that read “15% off.” That grabbed my attention big-time, because the value was clear.

Part of providing good value isn’t just dangling a shiny carrot-on-the-stick in all of your promotional material. Providing good value stems from an inherent understanding of your customers’ desires. These desires cover more than what customers seek to get from your brand. Understanding your customers’ wants and needs on a deeper level can lead to better promotion, and better value.

Aim to excite

Nothing loses a modern customer’s attention more quickly than a dull interaction with the brand. It’s not that they don’t really care about your business or brand. It’s that they sort of take your brand for granted.

This ties into my Target example. Mail, on it’s own, isn’t very exciting (unless you’re expecting a package or special delivery). But when I saw that big “15% off” on that Target pamphlet, I could actually feel the dopamine spike in my brain. Not only did it provide genuine value, but it also excited me.

Value, of course, isn’t the only way to excite your customers. Generating excitement is an art form of sorts. In fact, I wrote an article a few weeks ago about it, which you can read here. A lot of that article was about generating hype for a product launch or potential event, but much of the advice holds true for any element of your marketing.

Videos, contests, and giveaways are just a few examples of promotional material that excite customers, therefore proving more likely to capture their attention. Videos play automatically in social media feeds. If they’re well-produced, or (at the very least) entertaining, they’ll do their job. Contests and giveaways tantalize the customer with the prospect of being involved with the brand, and potentially winning something.

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