Born starting in 1996, Gen Z is only getting older and more relevant. They’re the generation after millennials, and it’s time for those in the restaurant industry to start paying attention to them.

Head over to QSR Magazine to learn why it’s time for restaurant’s to start targeting Gen Z more heavily.

Why Now is the Time for Restaurants to Court Gen Z

Let’s do a quick recap of the article.

Gen Z and the Sharing Culture

  • Gen Z never experiences a restaurant without their phone.
  • They value technology in their dining experiences.

What does Gen Z Want in a Restaurant?

  • A more adventurous generation.
  • Prefers fast-casual 50% more than full-service.
  • Nutrition is important to them.

How to Reach the Gen Z Market

  • Diversify your menu.
  • Be socially conscious.
  • Snacks, appetizers, and street food are big.

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