Craft beer’s popularity can’t be understated. Getting in on the craft beer craze can prove extremely profitable for your restaurant or bar – but where do you start?

Fortunately, Fast Casual has an excellent article detailing how you can find the right craft beers for your restaurant, and use them to a successful degree. Hit the link below for the full read.

6 ways craft beer can pour profits into your bottom line

To recap, here’s Fast Casual’s six ways summarized for your reading convenience.

  1. Use the industry’s “flavor of the week” cycle
  2. Research breweries in your area
  3. Using your bar POS system, track the performance of individual beers
  4. Try including the winners from local and national craft beer competitions
  5. Leverage the insights of your local beer snob population
  6. Introduce flights: the craft beer version of wine tasting

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