There’s not always a sure-fire way to know whether or not your creative design work is going to be a hit or not. Different designs inspire people’s emotions in drastically different ways.

Thanks to Shutterstock and HubSpot, we’ve got a comprehensive list of the top designs trends in marketing this year. Hit the link below for a snazzy infographic, and an insightful rundown of each design trend.

Here Are the Top Marketing Design Trends for 2018

Here’s all eleven design trends for your viewing convenience.

  1. Fantasy
  2. New Minimalism
  3. Space
  4. Natural Luxury
  5. Punchy Pastels
  6. A Global March
  7. Cactus
  8. Digital Crafts
  9. Ancient Geometrics
  10. Cryptocurrency
  11. Holographic Foil

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