Gourmet coffee is becoming quite the popular trend for quick service restaurants. If you’ve never served gourmet coffee in your restaurant, you may be wondering how to cash in on the craze.

Get started with this detailed article from QSR Magazine, featuring Emily Wood Bowron, director of strategic marketing at coffee provider Red Diamond, and discover how you can start profiting.

How to Cash in on the Gourmet Coffee Game

Here’s a quick recap of the article’s biggest points.

  • Almost 60% of coffee is considered “gourmet or specialty.” The key to effective differentiation is providing good customization options.
  • Cold brew sales have risen “580 percent between 2011 and 2016,” making it the next big trend in coffee.
  • There’s an increased interest in chocolate and “bakery” flavors for hot coffee such as gingerbread caramel, maple, cookie dough, etc.
  • Higher quality coffee leads to better sales.
  • Try using paper cups or sleeves.
  • Buy the most fresh and consistent coffee that you can so that you can ensure you don’t lose customers to the competition.
  • “Local” coffee doesn’t necessarily mean fresh coffee.

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