Many of the most successful brands in the world are using humor to build a more engaged social media audience. Why can’t you?

Being funny is hard enough, but creating a humorous brand on social media is a whole other level of challenge. Fortunately, there’s a lot of inspiration to look towards. Check out these five quick tips (plus examples) on adding humor to your brand’s social media.


1. Find your personality, and then harness it. There’s a reason this tip is first. It’s because your brand’s personality and voice will impact every single type of post, comment, share, and joke that you ever make.

For example, the Wendy’s Twitter account has built up quite the reputation for the sassy manner in which it interacts with users, sometimes “roasting” them, as seen below.

2. Pop culture references. Whether it’s the new Marvel movie that’s just hit theatres, or it’s the season finale of The Bachelor, pop culture is an absolute gold mine of humor.

Here’s an example that Old Spice posted the night of the Grammy Awards…

3. React humorously. You should be looking through any and all comments or posts about your brand to begin with. If you find any that seem like a great setup for a joke – go for it.

Here, Taco Bell demonstrates how to react when an influencer makes a post about your brand.

4. Interact with other brands. When people see their favorite brands humorously interacting with each other on Twitter, they’ll eat it up.

Here, Netflix Tweets at Amazon, suggesting that they bring their new planned HQ to the fictional town of Hawkins, featured in the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things.

5. When all else fails: Memes. There’s a reason memes are everywhere. Even if you or your boss don’t think memes are very amusing, millions of people sharing them across social media might disagree. Sure, memes might seem like low-hanging fruit, especially if you didn’t even design the one you’re posting, but they’re a proven, effective way to get engagement.

In the following example, Delta goes the extra mile, creating an original meme that is not only relevant to their brand, it’s also genuinely funny and timely. Plus, it’s a GIF instead of just a standard image.



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Have any humorous tips? Give us your best ones in the comments!