Getting the edge on your competition is bigger than just doing your best to outdo your competitors. In order to truly succeed, you need to look inwards. Get a better understanding of how to compete in the restaurant industry with this informative write-up from Foodable!

There are 2 Ways to Compete in the Restaurant Industry

Let’s look at a quick recap of the article.

1. Price

  • Can source cheaper ingredients from different vendors
  • Need to be aware that consumers are becoming more conscious of health and food quality
  • Competing through price alone deposits major long term risk

2. Quality

  • Consumers will accept higher prices if they recognize higher quality ingredients are being used
  • Quality isn’t just about the food, it’s about the experience as a whole

The article suggest that in order to succeed, rather than focusing on just getting the edge using price or quality alone, you should focus on two things.

  • What your unique story as a restaurant is
  • What your unique angle that helps you stand out is

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