Of the four current living generations, Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z are poised to control the majority of wealth in the coming years. Each of these generations interacts with brands in drastically different ways. Head over to Modern Restaurant Management to learn how brand loyalty differs between the generations.

How Brand Loyalty Differs Among the Generations

Let’s briefly recap the article.

Gen X

  • According to eMarketer, Gen X has the “highest rate of loyalty” of any generation.
  • 60% use a smartphone and 75% are on social media, according to Millward Brown Digital research.
  • Prefer traditional adverts.
  • Gen X loyalty is built through relationships. They value customer support and deals.

Gen Y (Millennials)

  • Millennials value discounts. 80% will switch brands to save money.
  • Value personalized marketing.
  • Likely to interact with mobile-based loyalty programs.

Gen Z

  • Gen Z doesn’t remember a time before WiFi or smartphones.
  • Digital communication through social media is essential.
  • Loyalty can be fostered if restaurants can convince this generation to share their dining experiences on their social platforms.

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