Is your restaurant in a bit of slump? Whether you’re facing hard times, or just trying to revitalize sales a bit, these 10 tips on rescuing your brand from the brink are perfect for any restaurant owner. Featuring revitalization stories from top brands like KFC, you can check out the the full article below, courtesy of QSR Magazine.

10 Tips to Rescue Your Brand from the Brink

To recap, here’s all ten tips for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Go back to your roots…
  2. …but make sure to modernize
  3. Schedule a facelift
  4. Be clear in your vision
  5. Put your franchisees first
  6. Create a top-notch team
  7. Know your guest
  8. Stay persistent, but adaptable
  9. Don’t grow too quickly
  10. Recognize success, but know the job is never done

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