Free WiFi is good for business. When it comes to your restaurant, not only will your customers appreciate that you have a HotSpot (and honestly – many of them flat out expect it), you can also use it to your distinct advantage.

Let’s take a look at a few ways free WiFi can benefit your restaurant.

Social Media

With free WiFi, your customers will be far more inclined to post on social media. If a customer is enjoying a deliciously presented meal, they might snap a picture of it, thinking that they’ll post it on social media. If your restaurant has a snappy WiFi connection, there’s a good chance they’ll post their picture right away, conveniently tagging your restaurant as their current location.

Once your restaurant is tagged as the location, it’ll stay there for all of their friends to see. That’s valuable word-of-mouth marketing at work right there, which is a big deal for getting customers.

Lengthier Stays

Combine the right atmosphere with free WiFi, and you’ll have customers staying at your restaurant for hours on end. The mobile workspace is bigger than ever these days, and WiFi is a crucial component of it.

You don’t need to be a Starbucks or even a coffee shop to earn this type of business. You don’t even have to run a quick service restaurant. A good friend of mine from college used to frequent IHOP whenever he had a lot of work on his plate. Whether it was homework, or he just had to study for an exam, he was always at IHOP for two reasons. They had free coffee refills and free WiFi. And whenever he got hungry, he’d order something else to eat. Needless to say, on some visits, he’d rack up a higher bill than you’d expect to have for a single person at IHOP.

Put Your WiFi To Work With CoGoBuzz

With CoGoBuzz, our state-of-the-art digital marketing service, we’ll turn your restaurant’s HotSpot into a money-making asset. Here’s a few ways how.

  • CoGoBuzz builds customer profiles. Because every customer that logs in to your restaurant’s HotSpot does so via Facebook, Email, or phone number, we automatically produce a full profile – cluing you into crucial customer data.
  • Customers are taken directly to your restaurant’s unique custom landing page. From there, we’ll promote your restaurant’s menu, specials, and more. You can even entice customers to join up with your digital text-based loyalty program.
  • Discover customer behavior! With our service, returning guests are automatically connected to WiFi, even if you have multiple locations. You gain the ability to track and engage them, wherever they go. You can see how often they’re eating at your restaurant, which location is their favorite, and even take a look at their browsing habits.
  • Get automatic Facebook followers. CoGoBuzz is designed to from the ground-up to incentivize social media engagement. From the landing page, it’s easy to entice customers to Like or check-in to your business in exchange for a deal.

With CoGoBuzz, WiFi will pay for itself. Our service gets you access to a safe, secure, and affordable marketing service. You’ll save money and make money! Want to learn more? Check out the rest of our website to learn more!

Has your restaurant benefited from Free WiFi? Sound off in the comments!