Millennials are notorious for being tricky to market to. Need a little help getting more of them into your restaurant? At the link below, head over to QSR Magazine and get clued into the key to attracting Millennial diners.

Is This the Key to Attracting Millennial Diners?

Let’s recap the article’s main points.

  • Millennials are outspending baby boomers at restaurants by 4% (U.S. Department of Agriculture’s food expenditure data)
  • Food must align with “values and preferences”
  • Ethnic cuisine accounts for nearly half of U.S. flavoring occasions (McCormick’s Flavor Forecast)
  • According to the NPD Group, due to their busier lifestyles, Millennials are eating smaller, lower-priced, healthier options (i.e. sandwiches, snack food, etc.)
  • Convenience is essential when targeting this generation
  • Customization, handheld options, ethnic cuisine, and house-made condiments are all effective ways to attract Millennials

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