It’s commonly known that loyal, repeat customers spend more than current/new customers. Want a little inspiration to get more loyal customers in your restaurant? Over at Food & Wine, find out which chain restaurants Foursquare reported as having the most loyal customers (and more importantly – why).

At the link below, check out this highly informative article in it’s entirety.

These Chain Restaurants Have the Most Loyal Customers, According to Foursquare

Let’s recap the article’s key points.

  • Foursquare built its list of 20 restaurants by analyzing data it collected from their most frequent users within a period of one year.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings stood at the top of the list, representing the chain restaurant with the most loyal customers.
  • Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom, Denny’s, Applebee’s, IHOP, and Cracker Barrel were in the following positions.
  • The report suggests “it’s clear that alcohol—and beer in particular—drives loyalty.”
  • Other notable restaurants that wrapped up top spots included Hooters, Hard Rock, Twin Peaks and Miller’s Ale House.

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