Like poke in years prior, ramen is another Japanese dish that has begun to see a rise in popularity. Could it be the next big trend in fast casual dining? At the link below, head over to QSR Magazine for the full scoop.

Can Ramen Conquer Fast Casual?

To recap, here’s a few of the article’s big points.

  • According to Mintel, in the United States, it’s more likely that consumers will eat Japanese food out rather than in their own homes.
  • According to Datassential, ramen has a much more significant appeal consumers under 35. While ramen’s overall menu presence across the board is still low, it’s gone up 49% in four years.
  • Ramen’s potential lies within its name recognition, thanks to popular instant-noodles. However, that name recognition carries a stigma. High-quality, well-prepared Japanese ramen is anything but inexpensive or instant.
  • Ramen’s first popularity wave within the U.S. took place in primarily full-service restaurants. In Japan, this is quite the opposite. Ramen is limited-service.
  • Although ramen carries a higher price than traditional quick service food, demand is rising.

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