“Free WiFi” isn’t just a popular marketing buzzword. It’s something that many customers have come to expect from restaurants, cafes, and franchises alike. In 2018, it’s not just a nice feature. It’s become a standard.

So shouldn’t you be getting more out of your WiFi? With CoGoBuzz, WiFi will pay for itself. Our service gets you access to a safe, secure, and affordable wireless HotSpot, while also turning it into a valuable marketing asset.

Let’s run through a few ways our service has has helped our clients, and can also help you!

Customer Data Collection

Our wireless HotSpots automatically develop fully realized customer profiles – for every single customer that logs in. Because every customer logs in to your restaurant’s HotSpot via their Facebook profile, Email address, or phone number, we’ll produce a full profile, hooking you up with all the crucial customer data you need to fuel your marketing efforts.

One-Time Login

Have multiple locations? After a single login to your wireless HotSpot, customers can then seamlessly auto connect at every single one of your locations – providing for a seamless digital experience.

You’ll be able to track and engage your customers wherever they go. Our interface lets you see who is on your network along with how they browsed while on the premises.You can even see how often they’re staying at your restaurant and which location is their favorite.

SMS Marketing and Loyalty Programs

CoGoBuzz comes fully loaded with a powerful SMS Marketing App that allows you to connect with customers on the devices they use most. Our service features an easy-to-use, cloud-based interface, giving you the capabilities you need to stay constantly engaged with your customers.

With our SMS component, you’ll finally ditch the hole-punch cards when you gain access to a fully digital, text-based loyalty program. You’ll be able to engage with your customers by implementing contests, polls, automated messages, and more!

SMS/Facebook Cross Promotion

With CoGoBuzz, businesses gain access to highly effective SMS and Facebook cross promotion tools. Through our SMS solution, our service promotes your business’s specials and events instantly. This can be much more effective than Facebook promotions, where oftentimes posts promoting specials and events aren’t even seen until either after they’re over, or the notice is too short.

In fact, one of our awesome clients, Anaya Coffee, garnered a 1.4% response rate from a Facebook only special – which you can check out here. In comparison, they managed to achieve a 2.25% response from a CoGoBuzz only special. That’s nearly double the response! With promotions like this, increasing sales during slower dayparts such as lunch becomes a heck of a lot easier.

Other Benefits of CoGoBuzz

CoGoBuzz comes fully stocked with a wide variety of features that will serve your cafe, franchise, or restaurant extremely well.

  • Custom Landing Page. When customers login to your HotSpot, they’re taken directly to your restaurant’s unique landing page. From there, we’ll promote your restaurant’s menu, specials, and more.
  • Automatic Facebook Followers. With CoGoBuzz, we’ll hook you up with more Facbook followers automatically. From the landing page, you can entice customers to Like or check-in to your business in exchange for a deal!

Check out the rest of our website to learn more about CoGoBuzz!

Has your restaurant ever benefited from using Free WiFi? Sound off in the comments!