For new companies, digital marketing is one of the most sure-fire ways to get your brand out there.

With CoGoBuzz, we’ll take your business’s digital marketing to the next level – and get your company the recognition it deserves. Our fully-featured service tracks consumer metrics, boosts your social media presence automatically, and fully optimizes your digital strategy. Our extensive WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions target your customers in-store and out using text-based digital loyalty programs, tailored advertisements, and more. You’ll discover what resonates with your customers, and what doesn’t.

Want a few tips on how to get your new company more brand recognition? Head over to Forbes for 15 Tips!

15 Digital Marketing Tips For New Companies Seeking Brand Recognition

To recap, here’s all 15 tips for your viewing convenience.

  1. Be Creative In Your Communications Strategy
  2. Focus On Every Element Of Your Strategy
  3. Focus On Developing Unique Content
  4. Know Your Audience
  5. Rely On Positive Word-Of-Mouth Marketing
  6. Find The Sweet Spot Between PR And SEO
  7. Set A Foundation To Learn And Grow
  8. Combine Existing Data With New Tools
  9. Remember That Design Matters
  10. Create A Referral Marketing Program
  11. Be Consistent
  12. Target, Rinse, Repeat
  13. Self-Promote
  14. Be Very Targeted
  15. Get The Timing Right

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