Getting customers to order one or two extra drinks can be as simple as learning a few simple tricks.

With CoGoBuzz, we’ll get your customers thinking about their next drink before your bartender even has a chance to pull the moves. It’s all thanks to the power of mobile engagement – and because customers can’t help but look at their phones. Leveraging advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, CoGoBuzz promotes your drink menus, deals, and more – directly to customer mobile devices. It all happens automatically for your customers through a quick one-time login via social media, Email, or phone number.

Still, even with the power CoGoBuzz, it certainly can’t hurt to brush your bartenders up on these sneaky tips. At the link below, head over to Food & Wine to discover what one bartender had to say on getting customers to order more.

3 Sneaky Ways Bartenders Get You to Order More Drinks, According to a Pro

To recap, here’s all three ways!

  1. He makes one as a demo.
  2. He’ll ask if you want a refill with a bottle in hand.
  3. He uses Instagram to lure you in.

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