There’s so much more to social media strategy than just posting every once in a while. It’s important to keep your business as engaged as possible.

With CoGoBuzz, you’ll master your social media strategy. Our affordable service gets you more followers automatically, all by leveraging in-store WiFi! We’ll hook you up with fully trackable metrics and crucial data behind all of your customers, setting you up with all the info you need to perfect your strategy. On top of that, we set you up with a whole range of awesome features – including customer profiles, a digital text-based loyalty program, and more!

Need a few tips on how you can improve your social media engagement? Head over to Entrepreneur at the link below!

6 Tips on How to Engage Your Customers Through Social Media Strategy

Here’s a recap of all 6 tips from the article.

  1. Stick to a publishing schedule.
  2. Maintain a consistent voice.
  3. Show your (brand’s) personality.
  4. Content is king.
  5. Be selective.
  6. Listen; don’t just speak.

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