The importance of your restaurant’s menu can never be understated. Every detail of your menu’s design, content, and placement has a big impact on your customer’s purchasing habits, and ultimately your sales.

Creating a menu that gets you even bigger sales gets a lot easier with CoGoBuzz. Our affordable digital-marketing service leverages your wireless HotSpot to connect with your customers – cluing you into their interests, likes, and more. With CoGoBuzz, you’ll get in touch with exactly how your customers think, and get all the information you need to create a better menu. Through advanced WiFi, SMS, and Email solutions, CoGoBuzz connects you directly to customer mobile devices, and packs a diverse feature sets focused on heightening engagement, loyalty, and sales.

Need a few tips on optimizing your menu? Check out the following article from Nightclub & Bar at the link below!

How to Create a Menu that Rakes in Profits

Let’s recap the article real quick.

  • First Things First – Nightclub & Bar suggests that the first thing to do when optimizing your menu is to ensure that you understand the pricing of every single item on your menu.
  • Do Your Research – Check out what the competition is doing with their menus. Get some inspiration.
  • Less is More – Simplify your descriptions.
  • Be Bold – Use fonts and bold text to highlight key words.

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