Comfort food is always an easy way to satisfy customers, especially when you’ve added your own special twist to it.

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Want some insight into how you can elevate comfort food on your restaurant’s menu? Head to Foodable at the link below.

Elevating Comfort Food: Give Your Customers What They Want

Here’s a quick recap of the article below.

  • Many customers are interested in making their current food staples more interesting, rather than exploring new options.
  • Take truffle for example. While truffles are an expensive delicacy, many establishments have found ways to work the flavor itself into their menus (a 4.2% increase in menu appearances over the past year).
  • The potato presents a unique opportunity for truffle-pairing. For example, Idahoan incorporates real black truffle into their mashed potatoes.
  • According to Technomic, mashed potato growth in the industry is up +2.1% year-over-year. Idahoan’s growth is up +3.5%.

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