Hole-punch cards have long been a tried-and-true loyalty program staple. That time is coming to an end. Millennial loyalty will be defined by mobile. While punch cards get lost, smartphones are always on hand.

With CoGoBuzz, we’ll digitally redefine your business’s loyalty program using advanced text-based solutions. Our affordable service leverages WiFi, SMS, and Email to bring customers into your loyalty program, and engage with them to keep them coming back for more. We simplify customer engagement down to a simple text message. On top of that, you’ll gain automatic Facebook followers, full customer profiles for every customer that logs into your HotSpot, and more.

Still not convinced you need to get in on digital loyalty? Head on over to Forbes at the link below.

Ditch Your Punch Cards To Win Over Millennial Loyalty

Here’s a quick recap of the article’s main points.

  • Be Fast Or Forget It
  • Be Bold, Be Different
  • Get Charitable
  • Use Today’s Technology

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